Hold at All Cost

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The Story of Forgotten Warriors, in a Forgotten Battle, of a Forgotten War

Little has been written on the Korean War and even less on trench warfare and the desperate battles fought for control of isolated outposts that marked its closing months. For the very first time, a documentary film, Hold At All Costs, examines one specific battle; the epic attack and defense of Outpost Harry, where American, Greek and South Korean soldiers fought and died against incredible odds to hold a vital position from massive Chinese barrage. The film, intending to be aired nationally in November 2010, around Veteran's Day, honors this year's 60th anniversary of the war's commencement. The concept, a relatively novel one; told by the men and women who actually fought it, but from all sides. This 80-minute effort focuses on the survivors of The Battle at Outpost (OP) Harry and how this horrific event affected their remaining years.       

The US 3rd Infantry Division had orders to hold OP Harry at all costs -- the Chinese intended to seize it. On 10 June 1953, 3,000 Chinese assaulted the position, defended by King Company, 15th Infantry Regiment -- about 200 US soldiers. Massive artillery fire -- 90,000 US and 30,000 Chinese shells -- decimated both sides. K Company and then reinforcing units of about a hundred -- at terrible human cost -- ejected the attackers from the trenches in close combat, with only about 30 US soldiers walking off the mountain unscathed the next morning. But the Chinese would return again and again for eight subsequent nights. The film depicts interviews with American, South Korean, Greek and Chinese veterans -- in addition to introducing three Generals, MASH nurses, the South Korean Prime Minister, noted scholars and political commentators Newt Gingrich, US Sen. Richard Lugar, US Con. Charles Rangel, S. Korean Honorable Hwang and Oliver North.‚ By dedicating an entire program to the buildup, battle and its aftermath, while endearing the audience to these soldiers, a unique perspective is given to the greater Korean War. These combatants -- who are so proud of their service -- are grateful that before their generation is gone, a document is finally procured to preserve the memory of the soldiers who fell attacking and defending OP Harry to HOLD AT ALL COSTS. With a new world order imminent, the term "Hold At All Costs" is ultimately what the Korean War or Cold War were all about. It is hopeful that these stories represent all soldiers of that era and perhaps all soldiers everywhere, throughout time. Narrated by Edward Herrmann (FDR & The Gilmore Girls), Edited by Chris Peterson, (Who Killed The Electric Car), Produced by Bob Baker Family Foundation and Directed by Glenn Palmedo-Smith, (Discovering Ellis Ruley & The Hungry Woman), this is a war documentary like never told before...